Chicago Real Estate: Why Your House Isn’t Selling the Traditional Way

There are many reasons why it may take longer for your property to sell than you had hoped. World Class HomeBuyers know Chicago real estate and can help you overcome some of these obstacles. Our experts offer some solutions to these problems that may be helpful for you.

Selling a Home Requires Inspection

There are specific requirements when you want to make a traditional sale. The property will have to pass an inspection by a licensed inspector. If there are any structural issues you may not have even been aware of, they will need repairing. There may be electrical, water, or insulation problems that you had just accepted. These had probably slipped your mind. To sell, fixing these is necessary too. Every part of the property will have to be considered up to code. You will have to pay the mortgage and the repairs until the property can pass the inspection.

Illinois Real Estate Must be Presentable Inside

The home needs extensive cleaning to be ready for sale. This usually requires a better cleaning than your wife or even your cleaning lady can do. There are cleaning companies that offer this service, but it can be quite expensive. All furnishings need to be removed from the house to allow them to reach every nook and corner. They steam clean the carpets, polish all the woodwork and floors, and shine all surfaces. You will be amazed at how wonderful it looks. There may be areas that need to be repainted or touched up now. To prepare for the presentation, you will need furnishings. Studies show that selling a home furnished gets quicker results. The realtor will most likely not find your old furniture sufficient. They work with stagers that will bring in furnishings to make the home look like they envision. There is a charge for this, and it is usually wrapped up in the commission.

The Property has No Curbside Appeal

Realtors talk extensively about the lack of curbside appeal. This means that your yard does not make people want to look at the house when they drive by. Your front yard must make potential buyers pull into your driveway. Your house can be fantastic inside, but if the buyers do not come inside, they will never know it. If you have a backyard, in Chicago real estate, that is a real selling point. To promote it, you must also have it properly landscaped. You may have to re-sod, add shrubs, or groom and manicure what you have. Landscaping Illinois real estate can get expensive and take time. Re-sodding may take a month or more to root, depending on the season and the weather. Landscaping in the winter and fall can be difficult due to the snow, slush, rain, and wind chill.

In Chicago the weather (organized by season) is usually:

  • Winter–very cold, snowy, and windy
  • Spring–wet and warm
  • Summer–beautiful and sunny
  • Fall–cool, wet, and windy

World Class HomeBuyers can resolve these delays and expensive issues for you when selling Chicago real estate. We can offer you a Quick Cash Offer for your property. There is no need to make the repairs for our purchase. An inspection by a licensed inspector is not required. Any repairing, cleaning, and landscaping will be our responsibility. We do not charge you a realtor’s commission. Our cash offer will be more than fair. We will offer a quote to compete with any other offer you receive. We can take this property off your hands, and you can get back to living your best life.

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