Is Your House For Sale? Will it Sell Faster Furnished or Empty?

You have decided to put your house up for sale. There are many things to consider before putting out the sign on your house for sale. Our experts at World Class HomeBuyers want to help you make the best choices for yourself and your family. 

People sell their homes for many, many reasons. Some families grow, and they need to put their current house for sale to buy a bigger one. Others downsize as their children become adults and move into their own homes. The lucky are “moving on up”. The unfortunate have a divorce or financial issues wreaking havoc in their lives. The reason for selling the house helps determine the timetable for the process. 

What Sells Faster – A Furnished House or an Empty House?

Almost everyone that puts their house up for sale wants it to sell quickly. You may have already found your new home. But you are still responsible for the mortgage and any other loans you have on the current house. You leave the electricity and other conveniences on for the prospects. Bills add up very rapidly. You may select one of the following ways to sell, or you may start with one type and then change to another.

House For Sale in Northwest Indiana and Greater Chicago Illinois Area
  1. Self Sell

You buy yard signs, run ads in the newspaper, maybe even advertise on social media. You stay in the house because everyone says furnished sells faster. You keep the home spotless for prospective buyers. You have to adjust your life around other people in hopes that one of them will buy your house. 

Your entire family is frustrated, and your work is suffering. If a buyer does show interest, every one of them makes a lowball offer. You used online estimates and values of recent home sales to price your house. Unfortunately, your memories may have also influenced your pricing. This could be a quick sale, but it also could go on for years. Frequently, the seller gives up and settles for a low offer or takes the house off the market and stays there.

  1. List With a Realtor

Listing your home with a realtor may be less frustrating than selling it yourself in some ways, but do not expect it to be stress-free. She will recommend that you make any repairs or upgrades inside and outside. You have to improve your curbside appeal with landscaping. She will also want you to move out to make it more convenient for her to bring in prospects. Most likely, she will also ask for all of your furniture removed. 

Studies show that a furnished house sells faster than an empty house, but her vision will not match your style. She will stage the house how she thinks will sell it best. The house will get far more exposure on the MLS. It will be appropriately priced, and the realtor will negotiate for you. You will pay her and possibly the buyer’s realtor a percentage of the sale. 

  1. Broker your House with World Class HomeBuyers

Our real estate professionals offer you two options. We will give you a fair cash offer. You can sell the property to us, regardless of reason or condition, as is. If you need cash we can get that to you quickly. 

The other option is meeting or beating an existing offer. You have a proposal from a buyer, but the delay in getting your money is a problem. You realize that the realtor paperwork, lawyer involvement, and entire closing process may take up to a month. You must have cash now for your new house. Let us make you an offer. If we can come to an agreeable term, we can pay you immediately. Give us a chance.

World Class HomeBuyers

You get to choose how you want to move forward in selling your home. World Class HomeBuyers is here to make the process easy, quick, and headache-free. To learn more about our highly beneficial service, reach out today! We look forward to hearing from you and to getting your house SOLD. 

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