People Who Buy Houses in IN & IL

Since COVID-19 began to spread in Indiana and Illinois, paying off mortgage payments has grown very difficult for many homeowners. Since 2020, according to Illinois Policy, “Nearly 1.5 million Illinoisans find themselves out of a job,” leading to foreclosures. So, what happens is that many of these homeowners need to make the tough choice and sell their homes. Or, perhaps they need to save money for a car loan, pay off student loan payments, or any other debt. Whatever their reasons are for selling it may be, they are looking for extra cash from a house sale.

Despite the many people selling their homes during the pandemic, there is still hope in finding buyers! Why? Because, over 5 million home buyers are still looking into buying houses in 2020 in the U.S. But, 5 million is still a large number, making it difficult to know who is looking into buying a home. With our expertise, we have the latest on who is most likely to buy a home in Illinois and Indiana.

Who Is Buying in Illinois and Indiana?

Among the millions of Indiana and Illinois residents, your best hope in making a sale are with Gen X’ers. In 2021, they totaled 25% of consumers buying homes in the annual housing market. Following this number are Boomers born between 1955 and 1964, at 22% of the market. To make sure that a house for sale can catch the attention of this ambitious market, sellers typically hire real estate agents. But, these agents set up many requirements for buying a house in Illinois, making the process for both buyers and sellers long and tedious.

Should I Sell My House to a Wholesaler?

With that being said, these buyers may be asking themselves, “What do I need to buy a house in Illinois (or Indiana)?” As they look for a home, the need for purchasing a home in these areas presents an opportunity for cash buyers to bring attractive offers to these residents. Because of this business, sellers can leverage the opportunity to sell to a cash buyer and make considerable money from the transaction.

At World Class HomeBuyers, sellers gain more for their buck in a sale, especially when they are looking to save money rather than spend it. How? One thing that World Class HomeBuyers takes pride in is its free services. Additionally, the staff at World Class HomeBuyers offers house flipping services, investing in property improvements to increase their value. As stated on the company website, the staff “[wants] to keep the costs down so [they] only repair what [they] really have to repair. Keeping the cost down ensures the highest offer [they] can present to you.” When a home is ready for sale, we meet the buyer’s needs for a quality home, allowing the seller to successfully find a person to purchase their home.

Want to send a quote? Those looking to sell a home can visit the company website and a staff member from World Class HomeBuyers will contact them shortly.

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