World Class HomeBuyers – Hobart Indiana – We Buy Distressed Houses And Rehab Them.

World Class HomeBuyers - Hobart Indiana - We Buy Distressed Houses And Rehab Them.
Good morning. This is Dan with World Class HomeBuyers. I buy homes with cash in the Northwest Indiana area and the greater Chicago, Illinois area. I just wanted to let you know, this is what we do, right? We fix up homes. I’m here at a home in Hobart, Indiana. There’s plenty of work that needed to get done, and just to show the homeowners this is what we do. We fix up homes. This is the cash that we put into the home to make it beautiful. So, let’s walk you through the process. Come on.

All right, as you can see, contractors are here working on a property right now. You can see all the dumpster. They’re going to put siding on this home. They’re going to cover all this up. We’re going to walk through the back side of the home. As you can see, there’s a nice big dumpster. We might need another one. You got a little garage, deep river in the back. You might be able to see it from here. It’s a little bit of a walk. I’m not going to walk all the way down there. I’m not going to make this too big of a video, but as you can see, a nice yard. So here’s the home. Let’s start with the garage. I mean the basement.

So we’re here in the basement. Check it out. There’s plenty of work to get done around here. Plenty of work. As you can see, basement needs a lot of fixing up, definitely needs a lot of attention. All right. So this is the homes that we buy. We buy ugly homes in the Northwest Indiana area, Hammond, Munster, Dyer, Highland, Schererville, Crown Point, you name it. Also in the Chicago area, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Frankfort, Alsip. List goes on and on and on. All right.

You might be able to hear some dings. Contractors are working right now. Check it out. They’re ready to go. I’m not going to get in their way. There you go. There’s one guy. As you can see, there’s a little mess that’s happening, doing a little demo. [foreign language 00:02:05] All right. That’s first floor. I’m not going to walk in there. There’s plenty of debris in there, so … Let’s get up here. It’s a little bit of an older home, built in 1899. So these are the homes that we typically buy with cash. It’d be real hard to sell it in the marketplace, but it is also a possibility. Again, I’m your investor-friendly realtor. And this is what I do. All right. Let’s see. It’s going to be a bathroom right there. Got plenty of material here. Lot of gutting that needs to get done. As you can see, there’s plenty of work. You’ve got yourself a small little tub. Yep. All these windows are going to be replaced. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

So this is what we do as investors. You fix up homes, you put money into it, and you go ahead and sell it in the marketplace. This is going to be at least a three month project. Maybe it’ll last slightly more, depending on how things go. But it is definitely a long process. So you ever think about selling your home, feel free to contact me. Again, my name is Dan with World Class HomeBuyers. You can call me at 708-480-1439. Don’t hesitate to call me. I’d love to help, and any situation. If you’ve got a brand new home and you want to sell it real quick, let’s see what we can do. We could always put it in the marketplace also. I’m one-of-a-kind, very unique. Most investors are not realtors. I am, so love to help. Give me a call. You have a good day.
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