World Class HomeBuyers Inc – 98% of the rehab complete out in Harvey Illinois

World Class HomeBuyers Inc - 98% of the rehab complete out in Harvey Illinois
Dan Guerra:
Hey, what’s happening everybody? My name is Dan Guerra with World Class HomeBuyers. I’m here to show the rehab out in Harvey, Illinois. I buy homes out here and in the Indiana area, Northwest Indiana. Come on, check out this home. It’s almost ready. Look at it. Check it out. Got that front area. The window is put in. Just got it covered for now. Painted real well.

All right, it’s the living room area. I’m going to show you a big view of it. There we go. We got the first bedroom. All right, and we got ourselves a bathroom. Check it out. Got lighting. Check out the shower area. Yep, it’s coming along. Almost done. All right, there’s just one bathroom in this home. I’m looking to put this on the market for about 150 K.

All right. Here’s the kitchen. Getting there. We got the back splash getting put in. It’s just about finished. Yep. New cabinets, new fridge. Check it out. We got ourselves a little laundry area. We’re going to put a little barn door over here. We could fit these washer and dryer and there’s going to be a nice little sliding door here. That should be get putting in tomorrow. Got ourselves a little back area. Check it out. Yep. This home’s coming together. Doing little painting. Here is the last bedroom. Everything’s coming along, getting put together.

Let me show you the back area. I think I already showed the back area of the garage, but take a look at it. Got new roof, new siding. New AC. This one’s ready to go, pretty much. Just a couple little things to do. I got to do a little cutting the wire, cleaning up a little bit. Yeah, that’s the gist of it.

Hey, if anybody has any questions for me, you can reach me. My name is Dan. You can call me at (708)480-1439. You can always check me out at Have a good day, everybody.
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