World Class HomeBuyers Inc – Chicago Illinois Rehab – Demo

World Class HomeBuyers Inc - Chicago Illinois Rehab - Demo
Dan Guerra:
Hey, good day, everybody! My name is Dan Guerra. I’m the owner of World Class Home Buyers. I wanted to give you a rundown of a rehab project we just got started out here in Chicago. Yeah, out of all places. So I bought this home with cash, here in Chicago, and we started the rehab process. We’re about month in and we’re about to get the electrical and plumbing, knocking down some more walls, and we’re going to add a garage. So there’s a good amount of work that needs to get done. So I wanted to show you all and so you guys can have a pretty good idea of what it entails. So let me show you.

All right. So as you can see, we’re going to have to get down these studs over here. These pieces of wood and it’s going to be open. We’re going to have this opened up and we’re going to put a kitchen along this wall, straight down. So, you’re going to be able to fit a dining room and a living room in this area. It’s not the most convenient structure or design, but I think it should work. We’re about to get new windows on Monday. All right, so this place is going to get transformed real fast. They’re going to put a dining room over there, the living room’s going to be over here, and the kitchen along this wall. And all those studs will be taken down, and we’re going to put LVT here, luxury vinyl, and maybe planks or tile.

I know we still need to order some parts, but we’re going to refinish all this hardwood up here. This is going to be the bathroom, full bath. All right. I’m getting nice looking tile in here. And yeah, we’re going to rip out this flooring and put some glass tile, we’re going to refinish all this. So this is all going to look new. Nothing else needs to get done besides getting new windows, painting, trim, you name it. All right, same here. New doors, windows. So you got three bedrooms up here. Let me go show you downstairs.

All right, this is going to be a finished area, so no longer a basement. So it’s a little bit below ground, but it’s going to be finished just like my home out in New Orland Park. This little area’s going to be a little family room, we’re going to put the washer and dryer in this little area, with the utility sink. This little half bath is going to turn into a 3/4. No tub, but we’re going to add a shower. It looks like we’re going to knock down this wall over here. As you can see, this wall, it’s going to be knocked down and extended. And we’re going to probably put it right here where my foot is. And we’re going to add a shower, and we’re going to extend this framing out to here, so knock that. So it’s going to be a nice, good size toilet with a vanity and a shower.

This is going to be your master over here. I believe it’s going to be big enough, so it’s a nice little connected area to your shower and you got a little family room, and utilities are right over here. So that’s the picture of what we got right now, looking to get this done in two months or so. All right, let me go show you the back. It’s a decent neighborhood out here, we’re in Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago. This is going to be the back door. Over there was the front door. So they already did some work. Tuck pointing along the side as you can see. They had to do some brick work up on the roof. Roof is fairly new. All brand new windows, which is coming in on Monday.

Looks like we’re going to put the garage pad in on Sunday from my understanding. But this home is going to be a beauty once it’s done. Out here in the back is going to be a garage, so we’re going to put the pad out here. This garage, hopefully it could get built before the wintertime. So I’m trying to push the guys to get that done. This fence is going to get knocked down, and it’s going to be a garage. It’s going to be a nice sized garage, 22′ x 19. So it’s going to come up all the way, right around this pipe right here. We have to cut down that little tree branch, but that’s it. That should take care of that. And let me go show you the front area and then we should be done.

This home is going to end up being a four bedroom, two bath home. It’s going to look beautiful, newly constructed. And if you’re looking to sell your home in Chicago Illinois, contact me. My name is Dan Guerra. You could contact me at 708-480-1439. You could text me, call me. You could email me So this is the front, as you can see, they already did some work. They put some brick here. Along here, there were some bushes here, really nasty looking. They still have the roots here see 1, 2, 3, and we’re going to put some mulch and make it look pretty.

Curb appeal is big when you’re trying to sell a home, right? Three things you always look for is kitchens, bathrooms and the curb appeal. And there you have it. So, that’s the reason why I’m adding a garage. There’s very little parking space, especially with that fire hydrant right there in the front. It kind of stinks. I would not like that fire hydrant in front of my home because you can’t park there. So there you have it, everybody. So tell me, what do you think? Kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeal. Do you agree with that? I think so. That makes sense. Right? This home’s going to be beautiful. I can’t wait till it’s done. It’ll be up in the market… March or so? I think this’ll be a good time, right around spring. Please reach out to me if you got any questions and if you just want to have a chat, please don’t hesitate. Well, have a good day guys! God bless you.
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