World Class HomeBuyers Inc – Closing day, final day owning the home in Merrillville Indiana

World Class HomeBuyers Inc - Closing day, final day owning the home in Merrillville Indiana
Hey, good day, everybody. This is Dan with World Class HomeBuyers. Closing day. This is the last day out here in the Maryville property and yeah, everything’s good. I just saw the buyer. He’s he’s happy as hell and it’s my flip that I just obviously going to be flipping in about an hour or so. And yeah, that’s the last day of this property. This property sold pretty quick and looked beautiful. As you can see, the kitchen in my background, it’s fixed up real well. The contractors did a good job. We got the appliances in and we even got the washer and dryer for the laundry areas. So, we took all the staging equipment out of here. As you can see, it’s pretty bare.

But look, I’m excited. Today is the day that we close and it always feels good. As you can see, I’m pretty pumped and happy and not only that, it’s just about the closing process. Get to close on this thing. I’ve had this home for about six months or so, and it feels good. I’m able to just move on. Go to my next projects. Have a few going on, three of them, and they’re all three in Illinois. So, looking to get some more flip properties and feel free to reach out.

You know, my name is Dan. You can always call me at (708) 480-1439. My business is World Class Home Buyers. So yeah. Let me show you this place a little bit. It’s beautiful. As you can see. Here, I’ll flip this around. Yeah, it’s fixed up. Ready to go. Just a little… That’s the front door. See the downstairs area. Let me show you that a little bit.

We had all this staged and it was beautiful before. You probably could check the old videos and pictures. Have yourself a little bedroom here. It’s a four bedroom, two bath home. Let’s go into the laundry area. See brand new washer and dryer. I didn’t put on the lights, so you can’t really see too well. Let me turn on the lights here. There we go. Yep. This one has a shower, little hidden behind the door.

This home is good to go. Buyer seems pleased and I’m ready. Just looking forward to continuing the journey and do some more flips. It’s kind of good because I know that things are moving along and it’s a process. I wish this would be done in like a day or two, but it’s definitely, on average, six month process or so.

Here’s the other bathroom. Check it out. But yeah, good thing about this, it’s not all about the money. It really isn’t. It’s helping the people out there in the world, people that are in need. We notice what’s going on in the world right now in terms of war and so forth. I feel real bad for the Ukraine individuals out there and I hope for the best. Donate to charity, if you guys can.

This is the other bedroom. This is the last bedroom. So yeah. Pray for those people out there. Imagine leaving your home because of war, all the fighting and you know, everybody’s displaced, all the homeless people and that’s something that I do. I love helping the homeless people. You know, you see somebody asking for money in the street, give them 10 bucks, right? Just give them some money. Just a little bit, even a dollar. Anything helps and that’s what I’m all about. It’s helping people that are less fortunate than us and there’s a lot of people out there.

So if you ever having a bad day, think about the Ukrainians that have to leave because of war. We’re fortunate enough to be in the USA. Chances of that happening is super, super slim. But in those countries, I mean they’re regular people just like us. They just speak a different language and they live just like us. So yeah, definitely reach out to me. Would love to talk everybody and yeah, have a good day.
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