World Class HomeBuyers Inc – Mid Rehab at Harvey Illinois

World Class HomeBuyers Inc - Mid Rehab at Harvey Illinois

Hey, good afternoon, everybody. This is Dan Guerra with World Class Home Buyers. I’m over here at one of my properties out in Harvey, Illinois, and I’m running my business out here. I’m just checking out the property, seeing what my contractors have been doing. So yeah, my business is World Class Home Buyers. I buy homes with cash. I bought this one out here in Illinois and I do buy properties out in Indiana, also, especially in Northwest Indiana. So give me a ring if you want to learn about real estate or you just have a question. You can call me at (708) 480-1439. My email is Don’t be afraid. Any question is a good question. There is no bad question out there. So I love answering questions. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. So let me show you this property a little bit.

You can see over here I have a dumpster. It’s pretty full. Check it out. Yeah, might have to call the dumpster guy. Let me check with my contractor to see if I get that picked up. And over here, you got yourself the actual property. So we’ve been working with the gutters. Gutters are a little bit… We’re bad. So as you can see over here, yeah, they tore it off and they’re going to put some new gutters. So, wow. They actually did a lot of work up the fascia and soffit. It’s fixed up real nicely. Yeah. Let me go get the keys out here in the back. Oh, looks like my lockbox is not there anymore. All right. Well, always surprised. Usually I put the lockbox here in the back door. Maybe it’s in the front door. But yeah, we actually had to fix up this garage. What do you guys think?

The siding looks better. Much better. Oh yeah. Come on. Check it out. All right. Yeah. Fixed up real nicely. Yep. Let’s see. You got a window here. Okay. Brand new. Beautiful. Let’s see what it looks in the back. Check it out. All right. Let’s see what we got over here. Ah, they haven’t done the garage door yet, so they’re going to get there. Check it out. Yeah. See, ugly, ugly, ugly. Going to get that replaced, but yeah, overall looks nice. Can’t complain. Yeah. Look on this side. Fixed up real nicely. I like it. Yeah. The garage was in pretty bad shape. So yeah, had to get it done. So yeah. It looks like they left the trash over here as you can see. Yeah. All right. Old. Looks like, yeah. This is the siding up from up there. It went from brown to white. Okay. I’m not going to complain. Here’s our new AC unit all caged up over here. Oh, there’s the lock box. We found it. Great. Let me open this bad boy up. Let me get inside the home. I’ll show you the home. Let’s see. There we go.

That should do it. All right. Let me check the garage first. See what’s going on there. Ooh, little slippery. I’m pretty sure it’s this big key. Oh, maybe not. Oh, they might have new keys. Right. New keys. There’s a new brand new door. All right. Let me try this key over here. Nope. I’m going to keep trying. Nope. This key. Nope. Let me try this one. Nope. This one. Yeah, looks like I don’t have the key for this one. All right. Well that’s okay. Kind of wanted see the inside of the garage.

All right. Something to talk to my contractor about. Where the key’s at? All right. So let’s go check the inside of the home. Oh yeah. First day of snow. Don’t you love of it? December 28th, right on my birthday. Perfect timing. Right. See, I even work on my birthday, 24/7, so feel free to contact me. We got something going on over here. Let’s see. I want to say some kind of wire. Let’s see, what is this? Ooh. Yeah. Some kind of electrical wire. Hmm. All right. Let’s see what’s going on with that. Anyways, let’s go inside the home. There’s nobody here. This is close to new year’s. I know a lot of contractors take days off. All right. Play the key game. Let’s see, try that. Try this one. Ah. I’m not doing too good with keys today. Come on baby. Aha. Yay. Got that. All right. Let’s get this door open. Hopefully it’s the same key here. I think it is.

No. Oh yeah. Nope. That didn’t work. Try this one. Ah, there you go. All right. Let’s check it out. All right. So yeah. Walk on right into a living room. Not sure if the electricity is working yet, but all right. Well, we’re getting there. This is about a month and a half in the project. Drywall’s in. We got the can lighting in as you can see. Check it out. Now we’re going to put new windows in. Ooh. Okay. See the work. So far, so good. I know my contractor was talking about painting. I’m not sure we’re ready for painting or maybe we are, huh? Okay. So that’s that. Yeah. Here’s a dark room. Can’t show you right now because I have no lighting. Sorry. Here’s another room. Okay. So he did start painting looks like. A little bit. All right. Interesting. Kind of. Huh. All right. Well, like I said, I need a new drywall. Everything looking good.

Still got a long ways to go. Here’s the bathroom. Check it out. Got the toilet or tub. Plumbing. Cement board. I can’t complain. Looks okay. Dry wall. Yep. All right. Pretty simple. I can’t wait to see the tile work. I know it’s not a finished product yet, but it’s getting there. Looks like we’re going to get this done in about a month. So yeah, this is drywalled and all right. We got, this is going to be a new sliding door for this back door right here. It’s going to look nice. Can’t wait. And let’s see, one more bedroom. Three bedroom, one bath. Electrical guy didn’t finish his work yet. All right. Well there you have it. That’s it.

Three bedroom, one bath. Pretty small project, but we’re getting it done little by little. So yeah. Feel free to reach out to me again. My name is Dan with World Class HomeBuyers. Don’t hesitate. Anytime you got a question, please call me. I want a cash buyer. Love buying homes. So I buy in Illinois, Indiana, Northwest Indiana, and the greater Chicago Illinois area. So have a wonderful day everybody. Merry Christmas, happy holidays. Happy new year. I’ll see you guys all soon. Have a good one. Bye-bye.

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