World Class HomeBuyers Inc – Mid Rehab in Chicago Illinois

World Class HomeBuyers Inc - Mid Rehab in Chicago Illinois
Dan Guerra:
Hey. Good day, everybody. This is Dan Guerra with World Class HomeBuyers. Wanted to show you this home out in Chicago, Illinois. We’re out here, working on a home out in Church Street. Come on, check it out. It’s going to end up being a 42 home. And yeah, I buy homes in Illinois and Indiana, North West Indiana in the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

Don’t hesitate to call me, please. Call me at your convenience. My number is 708-480-1439. You can also email me at Yeah. Let me show you this home. Check out my rehab project. We should be done in a month, hopefully. We’ll see. Come check it out.

All right. It looks like they did the landscaping. Got new windows. Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. Wish the doors are in the front, but that’s not the case. This is the back area. Let’s go check it out here. Let’s go through here. Here’s my lock box. New window. Here it’s a brick home. All right. And we got ourselves the garage pad. No garage yet. Hopefully, that gets built soon. And yeah, this was all open. I’m going to get this garage built pretty soon.

I know there’s a little snow. Today is the first day of snow. And yeah, this is December 28th. My birthday, believe it or not. Yeah, this is where we’re at, but yeah. All right. And there’s a new AC see unit you see right there. And new windows all around the home. And yeah, let’s go check the inside of the home.

And here we go. We get the keys from here. See what contractors have been doing. Let’s see. Let’s open this bad boy up. My contractors have been doing pretty good. There is the key. And let’s open this bad boy up. They locked this thing pretty good. There we go. And that’s locked too. There we go. Ooh. Okay. Let’s see. A little dark in here.

Okay. Okay. Looks like they’re putting some can lighting here. It’s a little dark in here, but they’re just going to have to deal with that. Not the finished product. We’ve got some wood here for framing. We’re going to have to do some framing. Can’t wait to go check the upstairs with some supplies here. And yeah, it looks like drywall. They painted. Got some doors here.

Yeah. It’s definitely a work in progress. Like I said, hopefully in a month, we’ll see. Plan on putting the fridge in this little space right here. But yeah, this is going to be a pretty big kitchen in this area. We’re going to use the island as a dining space. And over here’s going to be a living room, where the door is at. The door, that’s going to be, the TV’s going to be put in there. Yeah, that’s what we got going so far. And let’s go check up here. Again, it’s a four bedroom, two bathroom home. Okay.

All right. Yeah, they got some work here with the tiling. They’re not done. All right. Yes. This is a little bit of a bump, you see. Definitely have to take a look at that, but they did the tiling. Okay. All right. Well, let’s see what it looks like when it’s done. It looks okay. No design there, but yeah, we’ll see. Definitely got some work. They did put a new door here.

Okay. Yeah, let’s see what’s going on in here. Whoa. They put this fan in here. Okay. Interesting. That’s a fan all right. The doors here. Okay. They did some work here. Painted. Trim. Let’s see if the lights work. Oh, works inside here. Okay. Here’s a switch for this. Oh, there we go. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Very funky but interesting. All right. Definitely not done here, but see trims put around.

Okay. Oh, look at that. Okay. Got another fan here. Interesting. Funky little fan, but that’s okay. It’s nice. Wonder if it works. How you turn this thing on? All right. That’s something I have to talk to him about. Yeah. Where’s the switch for the fan? I don’t see the switch. I see the light for it. Yeah. Uh-oh. Oh, okay. Yeah. We’ll, at least that light. Well, actually put can lighting in there. Okay. Got re-finished floor. Got the windows. Okay.

Yeah, definitely got to fix the fan issue because the fan is not moving. All right, we’ll get that fixed. All right. Get some lighting over here. All right. Yeah. Still got to get some work done here. Oh, there you go. Okay. All right. Well, yeah, I can’t wait to see what this bathroom looks like. I see what they’re doing. Okay.

All right. Well that’s that. Definitely not there yet, but getting things done. Let’s go check the downstairs area. And then I’ll let you guys go. This was a basement, but now it’s going to be finished up and it’s going to be a livable square footage. This is almost like my home where you just go down a few steps and you see there’s a window right there.

But yeah, we got to get some work done over here. Have some openings there. Okay. Yeah. We plan on knocking these walls down so we can put a shower into this bad boy. We’ll see how that goes. Yep. I know they want to move the toilet too. Yeah, there’s stuff and some work that needs to get done there. See, no light in here, so I’m just going to make do. There’s the new electrical box. Pretty big box overall. Definitely, it’s going to be a 200 amp box required in Chicago. Let’s see. Oh, there we go. We got some lighting in here.

Looks like they started moving the tile. Yeah. Like I said, this should be the master bedroom, so we’ll probably seal this electrical box. Definitely seal it up. But this is going to be the biggest room in the place. And I’m going to open this wall up over here so we can fit the shower. So right now it’s currently just a half bath. But yeah, this is definitely still needs some work. But getting there, little by little.

And yeah. Oh, we actually got some tile here. Let’s see. No, we got in here. Okay. Wall tile. All right. There you have it, everybody. This is, we’re in the middle of rehab project. And yeah, hopefully in a month, we’ll see. Maybe in February, I would think. Hopefully. But yeah, you just got to keep on them and little by little, get things done.

Yeah. Reach back out. Check out my videos. If you like it, like and subscribe. As usual, my name is Dan with World Class Homebuyers. And feel free to contact me 708-480-1439. You could also email me at info@worldclasshome Enjoy your day, everybody. Love you out there and Happy New Year. Happy 2022. See you.
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