World Class HomeBuyers, Inc. – Palatine, Illinois – Under contract and due for a rehab

World Class HomeBuyers, Inc. - Palatine, Illinois - Under contract and due for a rehab
Hey, good afternoon, everybody. My name is Dan with World Class HomeBuyers, over here at the Peloton, Illinois area of the greater Chicago area of Illinois. I’m about to do a rehab here. It’s a four bedroom, three bath home. This home is under contract. So let me show you the home a little bit.

We’re going to do some painting and flooring in this home. Figured I show you the outside first. There’s the garage area. It’s the neighbor’s yard. That’s the back of the home. Yeah, this home I’m buying with cash, as is. Make this a quick sale. So let me show you the inside of the home. We definitely need some painting and flooring inside there, going to remodel the bathrooms and kitchens and also finish the basement.

All right, this is the back area. Let me show you the basement. So, plan on refinishing this area. Okay. It’s going to be some separate walls, for the washer and dryer, separate walls for the furnace, water heater. All right, here’s going to be a bedroom. We’re going to put a wall over here, or a door. It’s a little dark, I can’t even find the lighting. And over here in the back, we got ourselves a bathroom. There we go, there’s some lighting. There’s the electrical panel. All right. I think you’ve seen enough of the basement. Let’s go upstairs.

All right. Here’s the kitchen area. There we go, there’s the dining room. We’re going to keep the windows. Get new countertops, new fridge, obviously. All right. Let me show you the bathroom. Bathroom’s real nice. All right, here you go. There’s a front door. You got yourself one bedroom here. Let’s get some light in here, that would help. And you have another bedroom here, as you can see there’s wood flooring. Painting and flooring, of course, removing the carpeting.

Okay. And there’s a upstairs area. It’s a little dark, maybe I should put the light on. And there you have it. There’s another bathroom over here and ready to go. I have an appraiser coming in. Thanks for watching the video. Have a wonderful day.

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