World Class HomeBuyers – Merrillville Indiana Greater Indiana Title Company – Closing After Buying A House With Cash.

World Class HomeBuyers - Merrillville Indiana Greater Indiana Title Company Closing
Hey, how’s it going everybody? I’m Dan with World Class Home Buyers looking to do a closing over here in the Greater Indiana Title Company. I’m just going to show you the process, so you guys have any questions of what’s the end process, this is where it’s at. We go here, we do a closing, we get the deal done. This one, I’m selling a property. Sometimes I’ll go get and buy a property, So this is where pretty much end. I’m selling a property in this area in Hobart. Again, I buy homes fast for cash. I also list properties in the Northwest Indiana area and greater Chicago, Illinois area. So Hammond, Munster, Dyer, Schererville, you name it. So this is where it all ends, folks. Why don’t I show you a little bit of the place, advertise this place? Let me show you around here.

Here we go. A little walk through here. There’s Al over there. I’m selling a property to him. What’s going on guys? Al:
How’s it going?
Good, good.
Okay, good stuff.
I’ll go ahead and go inside here. Check it out.

So this is usually where we end. Yeah. Oh my God. It’s a little dark, huh? Speaker 3:
[inaudible 00:00:01:14].
There we go. That’s much better now. Now you can actually see, huh? There you go. So this is the Greater Indiana Title Company. There you go. It looks like we’re doing curbside closings, so I won’t be able to get in there. Oh, I see. Interesting. So usually we go ahead and sit down inside the area down there. We go ahead and sit in the room. But due to COVID, we won’t be able to do things. Brenda, Diana working in this place, true professionals. So they definitely help with the closing process. They’re out there working their butts off right now.

So again, I buy homes fast with cash and we walk you through this whole process. I sell homes, I do probate for closure, whatever it takes. Any situation, any condition, this is what I do. This is what I do for a living. And love to help you guys out, please don’t hesitate to call me, anything. You got any issues.

Want to shout out to my girlfriend. She ended up in the hospital. I love you, Mandy. She’s going to get a hip surgery, and it just happened all of a sudden yesterday. So had a little issue, a minor slip, and next thing you know, she has to get a new hip. So crazy how life goes, and I just want to tell everybody, love everybody any chance to get. Businesses is secondary to families. So love you all, and don’t hesitate to call me. You can call me at (708) 480-1439. You can also call me at (219) 370-6288. Thanks. Enjoy the day.
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