World Class HomeBuyers – Sell your home fast in Northwest Indiana or Greater Chicago Illinois Area

World Class HomeBuyers - Sell your home fast in Northwest Indiana or Greater Chicago Illinois Area
Dan Guerra:
Great day, everybody. My name is Dan Guerra with World Class Home Buyers. I’m a investor-friendly realtor, and I wanted to let you know, how do you sell your home nowadays? There are different options of selling our home. You can sell your home fast for cash in Northwest Indiana or the greater Chicago area in Illinois. Or you could just go ahead and list it. Those are usually the common options that you can sell a home. So let me break it down for you. I’m going to give you numerous of options that you can sell your property for.

So first thing, sell your home fast for cash. That is number one option. So what does that mean? Convenience. It’s fast. You get it done within a week, so you get your money and you’re done. You don’t have to pay closing costs. There’s no open houses. You get it done quick. And you don’t have to worry about next month or so. You can get anything done. When you got an issue, any situation, you got tons of garbage in the place. You don’t have to do repairs. Helps.

There’s also another option, and listing it. Now, listing it with a realtor, it’s going to charge you a commission, of course, but you get the most bang for your buck. You’re going to make the most money. Trying to sell it by yourself is just not the way. I don’t recommend it. You could try, but you want to get a realtor, somebody who could do the marketing, get the awesome videos, get some pictures of the home, and price it right. I mean, that’s very important.

There’s a lot of realtors out there. They just don’t know how to do comparables. How to compare homes and so forth. That’s okay. I mean, not everybody’s perfect and so forth. But like I said, I’ve been in industry for a while. I’ve been investing for a pretty long time. Now with me, there’s a third option that you can do. Third option is invest with me. You could partner with me. Let’s say your home has a bad roof. The roof is horrible. You can’t list it, so you go ahead, contact me, Dan Guerra, investor friendly realtor. We have a conversation, and we fix a roof. It will come out of my pocket. We fix the roof, and then we will list the property. And that’s the way you make the most bang for your buck.

Investors out there are looking to make money. They invest. And not all the time they make money. Sometimes they lose. That’s just the name of the game. It’s like investing in stocks, sometimes in stocks, you lose, and it’s just the way it goes. Sometimes you win. And that’s what investors do. They come in, they buy homes with cash, they fix it up, and they go ahead and sell it. Obviously, there’s a ton of costs that go down that investors have to deal with, holding costs. They use a realtor. They better use a realtor because that’s just the way you make the most money.

And of course, there’s other ways too, to sell your property. You could do it through terms. So you have an investor, like me, that could assume the mortgage. So let’s say you got $100,000 mortgage, they would assume the mortgage and so forth. Obviously it gets pretty complicated, and I’m not going to go in this video step by step on how it works, but those are options. So again, my name is Dan Guerra with World Class Home Buyers. You see it?

And my goal is to help anybody that comes out here. You got any questions? I love to answer them. Investors or clients, if you’re thinking about selling your home, please don’t hesitate. My number is 708-480-1439. And yeah, I’m going to try to bring content to you guys every single week. It was my first time, so I’m trying to work it out. I’ll get better at it though. I’m not the best actor. I’m trying to be. I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I mean, Arnold and Eddie Murphy, those guys are great. But I’m getting there.

So whatever you want to say, leave a comment. I’m putting this on YouTube and so forth. So if you want to say, I’m a sexy man, go ahead. I’m one sexy man, right? No, whatever you want to say. I just want to help, that’s my goal. I want to help people realize that you have options. And most people are not investors. Most people are not realtors and so forth. I’m both. I can do both. I can help you with both. Yeah, go ahead and contact me. I would love to help. Again, thank you so much. Again, I want to joke around. I got Baby Yoda here. He approves. Say something, baby. Uh oh, he ain’t talking. All right. Maybe I should cut this part out. [inaudible 00:04:44] There you go. Hey, he works. Now he’s going to shut off for a moment. I’m just joking around. Thanks.
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