World Class HomeBuyers – We buy houses just like this in Munster Indiana and surrounding Northwest Indiana/Greater Chicago Illinois area.

World Class HomeBuyers - We buy houses just like this in Munster Indiana and surrounding Northwest.
Dan Guerra:
Hey, good afternoon, everybody. This is Dan Guerra with World Class HomeBuyers. Thanks for tuning in. I buy homes fast for cash in northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago, Illinois area. So I’m over here in Munster. I wanted to show you this home. This home is all fixed up. This is the finished product after investors are done. So this product, I actually finished. My contractors did a fantastic job. I love them to death. They did a great job. So I’m going to go show you this home. I’m going to show you what happened. This home needed four 40 yard dumpsters full of trash in it. Imagine that. Four 40 yard dumpsters. Yeah, that’s a ton of trash. So I want to go ahead and show you this home. You’re going to love it. This is the finished product. Let’s check it out.

As you can see, a little snow. Probably could do a little shoveling, but that’s okay. This home is in Munster, Indiana. Again, I buy homes in the Hammond, Dyer, Schererville, Highland. So places I buy homes at. See, it’s a beautiful home. It’s a ranch, four bedroom, three bath. This home is actually closing today. How’s it going? Sorry, guys. Come on. Let’s check it out. Yeah. Look at that. Oh, maybe a little light could work. There you go. You’ve got a little foyer here. Yeah, a little bit. Now you’ve got all finished new flooring. You’ve got some bedrooms over there. You’ve got yourself a little closet to stash your outside materials. Not bad.

All right. Let’s check. Let’s see. Door number one, what’s in here? This is my masterpiece. That’s what we call the wet room. You could have a water balloon fight in this bad boy. Yeah, check it out. Got yourself a nice looking tub. Little shower area. Oh yeah, all tile all around. Beautiful shower head. We call it the rain shower. Check this out. You’ve got yourself a nice little mirror. Goes on and off. Pretty simple. Make yourself look like a movie star. So yeah, this is the wet room. This used to be a half bath. Made it to a full. I love it. I’m going to miss it.

All right. Let’s go check the rest. Let’s see, we got yourself, this is the smallest bedroom here. Check it out. Yeah. We added that window, added some framing here. This used to be a two bedroom, two and a half bath, transformed into a four bedroom, three bath. This is a little bit of a bigger bedroom with a closet. Very similar. A little bit bigger.

All right. Let’s check out the walk-in closet. How about that? That’s cedar. I left it here, original. I love it to death. Yeah. A little walk-in closet. Nice master bedroom. Huge. Got these picture windows. All right, let’s go into this door. There we go. We’ve got the full bathroom. Check it out. All tiled up beautifully. You got yourself these good looking mirrors, vanities, all new.

All right. Let’s go check the other, I call it the master two. Very similar. It’s just the way they designed a home back in the day. I kept it. Didn’t want to play around with it too much. I like it as a master two. All right. Got yourself another cedar closet walk-in, spacious. All right. Let’s go check out this bathroom. Another en suite bathroom. Look at this one. You guys like it? The flooring. How about that? It’s good tile work. Great, great work. Our contractors did a fantastic job. I love the coloring. I designed it myself. I don’t have a designer currently on my team. So maybe if you’re interested, you know how to reach me. It’s Dan Guerra.

All right. So those are all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Let’s go check what’s going on over here. Here we go. There we go. We got ourselves the open up concept. There used to be a wall between the dining room. You could probably put a table right there, and added this island. Humongous island. Plenty of room. All right. And guess what? You see this painting. Well, guess what’s behind it? Electrical panel. There’s one electrical panel there. There’s electrical panel downstairs. I’ll show you that one in a minute. Yeah, you remove the painting, you get yourself an electrical panel. Everything’s brand new here. Everything. Check it out.

All right. Stove, fridge. I love this. We call it the microwave oven. You’re not going to see this anywhere. Yeah. You could bake yourself a pie in this sucker. I mean, seriously, you got yourself basically two ovens. A lot of people love the double oven. I love this strategy right here. You could do whatever you need. It’s something a little bit smaller, and you got yourself an actual oven. You got yourself the farmhouse sink. I love the hood. How about that? It’s a nice little hood. It’s fantastic.

I don’t want to keep you guys too long. This is the living room. You got yourself the fireplace. Let’s check out the garage. As usual, a two car garage, a little bit bigger than a two car. You could fit yourself a lot of things over there, that corner. If anybody knows about this little drain, let me know. I have no idea. I’m trying to figure that out, how to snake it out, clear it out. There was some water coming out of there. So not sure exactly what that was used for back in the day. I’m kind of interested. I guess, it’s just a drain. But yeah, I remember there was some water coming out of there. Had a plumber, put a snake in there, clean it out. So I’m very interested. And yeah, that’s that.

Let’s show you the basement, then we should be done. There you go. Everything fixed up. I had to replace this hand rail for the buyer because the other hand rail was too short. You believe that? Yeah. There’s money coming out of my pocket for something that was too short. So here, this is a small little basement. All right. Inside there, a crawl space. Inside the other side, crawl space. Got yourself a brand new washer, dryer. The buyer’s going to love this home. Yep. Water heater. Got yourself a little closet here.

That’s about it. I showed you about everything in this place. Again, I buy homes fast for cash just like this in Munster, Highland, Dyer, Schererville, St. John, you name it. I love the area. Give me a call. You can call me at (708) 480-1439. Again, my name is Dan. Don’t be afraid to call me. I’m also licensed in Indiana and Illinois. So, reach out. We can help you out. Thanks. Have a good day.
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